The LRT team is a relatively young team, created just before the last evaluation of AERES in 2013.

The objective of the LRT team is to design, develop and implement embedded architectures for communicating systems using next-generation mobile networks (IoT, Vehicular, 5G). For this, different lines of complementary research are examined, mixing skills coming from the field of networks and real time, all being subject to softwarisation. These architectures must first be elastic thanks to the virtualization of equipment and network functions (NFV), dynamically reconfigurable thanks to the SDN (Software-Defined Networking) concept, optimized according to many criteria such as performance, quality of service (QoS), energy consumption, These architectures integrate sensors and other embedded systems that form the Internet of Things (IoT).

The team's work is structured around three main themes: Software, Networks and Real-Time Systems.

It is composed of:

  •  15 researchers/teachers, 7 postdocs, 11 Ph.D. students.
The team is managed by: Rami Langar and Laurent George.

Research Interrests

Networks Group:
  • Theme 1. Resource optimization and access control in next-generation mobile networks (5G, Cloud-RAN).
  • Theme 2. Security and quality of service in wireless multi-hop networks (MANETs, VANETs, WMNs, WSNs, D2D / M2M).
Softwares Group:
  • Theme 3. Software Approaches : Choreography of services in the Internet of Things, Plagiarism detection, Improvement of the Java platform.
Real-Time Systems Group:
  • Theme 4. Real-Time Scheduling for monoprocessor and multiprocessors platforms. Energy constraints in embedded real-time harvesting systems. Energy efficiency and demand response.


  • Rémi Forax is a recognized expert in the Java Community. He is a member of the Java Community Process where he is actively contributing to the elaboration of Java language related specifications and implementations.
  • The team has numerous industrial collaborations and participates actively to several large European-wide projects.