The team had been established in May 2013 by merging three working groups that emerged from the “Algorithmics” team : “Software”, “Real-Time Algorithms” and “Protocols, Algorithms and Services for Networks”. During the last 5 years, the team evolved importantly and had been significantly reinforced.

  •  2008 : 7 researchers/teachers, 0 CNRS researchers, 0 postdocs, 4 Ph.D. students.
  •  2013 : 10 researchers/teachers, 0 CNRS researchers, 3 postdocs, 9 Ph.D. students.
  •  Members who left the team : 2 assistant/associate professors (MDC)
  •  Members who joined the team : 5 assistant/associate professors (MDC)
The head of the team is Laurent George.

Research Interrests

Networks Group:
  • Theme 1. Medium Access Control and Routing in multi-hop wireless networks.
  • Theme 2. Security and services for multi-hop wireless networks.
Softwares Group:
  • Theme 3. Software Approaches : plagiarism detection, Java platform improvements, mixed criticality systems.
Real-Time Group:
  • Theme 4. Real-Time Scheduling for monoprocessor and multiprocessors platforms. Energy constraints in embedded real-time harvesting systems.


  • Rémi Forax is a recognized expert in the Java Community. He is a member of the Java Community Process where he is actively contributing to the elaboration of Java language related specifications and implementations.
  • The team has numerous industrial collaborations and participates actively to several large European-wide projects.