BeC3 (Behaviours Crowd Centric Composition for the Internet of Things)

The Internet of Things and the applications that we will be able to use in the future is a major gap in the way we interact with the world around us. But the Things are so differents that it is still complex to realise such interactions. D-LITe proposal is a solution that allow us to understand each object as a universal representation, and to access this representation in a standard Internet way. Then, by providing an hardware abstraction layer, D-LITe hides the differences between elements providing the same feature, allowing their replacement indifferently. Then, BeC3 offers users a simple way of deploying dynamic pieces of code, and to validate their composition following rules that describe each element expectations.

BeC3 provides a model that describes the interactions between each element involved in the Internet of Things. All objects a user manages appear on the BeC3 WebSite, and Behaviours are proposed for each of them. Users can build collabarations between their objects. BeC3 offers a model that leads to a strong verification of the mashup done by users. If the composition is valid, the application is deployed. Else errors messages help the user to reconsider his composition.

BeC3 is accessible through this website.